Planta is an app sponsored by Patagonia that instantly identifies flowers and leaves directly from photos from a built in database. The app is powered with an ‘identify & collect’ badge game to incentivize users to interact with their environment in a healthy way.


Create a mobile app to search, collect and identify plants, flowers and leaves for Patagonia in order to increase the engagement and loyalty of their customers, and as an incentive for environmental awareness.


2 weeks


Research, Interviews, Task Flows, Feature prioritization, Game Interface, Mid-Fidelity Wireframes, Prototyping, Visual Design


All of us had heard about Patagonia and the quality of their amazing outdoor jackets. However, Patagonia is something more than a successful e-Commerce. This is the story of how we approached Patagonia customers to help them connect with Nature through Planta.




Business Analysis

Our design process followed different research methodologies, such as Business analysis for Patagonia overview, competitive / comparative research, heuristic analysis and layout analysis of Patagonia competitors.



We collected a total of 71 responses that helped us define our audience and recognize their behavior during their exploration and outdoor activities.



We conducted a total of 5 interviews in order to collect firsthand personal experiences related with outdoor activities to understand and empathize with Patagonia users and potential clients.


Affinity Mapping

With all the previous information we had enough data to synthesize and start building our first ideation. This phase is a pre-leap before starting to work on personas, feature prioritization and defining our problem statement.

  • Patagonia Brand Facts

    Patagonia Brand Facts

  • Surveys & Screeners during my research process

    Surveys & Screeners during my research process

  • Heuristic Evaluation from competitors

    Heuristic Evaluation from competitors

  • Competitive Feature Analysis

    Competitive Feature Analysis


Patagonia has no native mobile or wearable apps, and their e-Commerce inventory is limited to their responsive website. This is an opportunity for Patagonia to further their mission as an innovator in environmental literacy, giving users the ability to connect with nature and learn about their surroundings through an app.

  • KANO Axis Model

    KANO Axis Model

  • Persona: Lena, The Locavore

    Persona: Lena, The Locavore


Identify plants by images

Identify plants taking pictures through a camera and using Google Cloud Vision API, a powerful image analysis product that enables developers to understand the content of an image by encapsulating powerful Machine Learning models.

Identify plants by search

Search the most popular species of plants, leaves and flowers from a preloaded database with filters.

Search, Collect and Win

Badge game to encourage users to explore and identify different plants in their area and gain discounts to use in the Patagonia online shop.


During our design we conducted different sessions of rapid prototyping studio to put all our ideas together. All the team was excited with the idea of designing a system to identify elements from our biodiversity in real time. This app would be designed for iPhone 6 since the survey results showed that it was the most popular platform among our users.

User Flow

Sketches & Rapid Prototyping

App Map

Planta UI Kit with essential elements

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