Product returns are a major problem for online retailers as each unwanted order obviously incurs a cost, which then raises the dilemma of whom is to pay for postage. This is the story of how we created a new virtual fitting tool for GILT to enrich the user experience and decrease return rates.


Design a feature to help users interact socially, drive sales, increase engagement and reduce return rates.


2 Weeks


Research & Synthesis, Interviews, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Visual Design, Content Strategy, User Testing


As an online marketplace that specializes in aggregating luxury fashion and lifestyle products, GILT wants to broaden its customer base through social engagement because their current business model can’t keep up with their growing industry.



Business Analysis

Our design process followed different research methodologies, such as competitive analysis, comparative research, heuristic analysis and layout analysis from other brands.



We collected a total of 56 responses that helped us define our audience and recognize their shopping behavior in online and offline modes.


We conducted a total of 8 interviews in order to collect firsthand shopping experiences at online stores, and to define the needs and pains from active shoppers.

Affinity Mapping

Bulk data was synthesized in order to build our first ideation. This phase was a pre-leap before we started working in personas, feature prioritization and defining our problem statement.


Customers had to return over half of the items they purchased, as the items were either the wrong size or the fit was not in line with their expectations. To fulfill these needs we created two features: a fitting tool to assist users during their shopping experience, and a feedback platform where the same users can comment about the item received, in order to exchange their impressions about it.



Virtual Fitting Tool

Helps to customers maximize their shopping online experience by picking the correct size. The tool uses an external API to choose the right item based on the user’s measurements, return history and other feedback reported by that user.

Social Experience Motor

This amazing feature is integrated directly in the e-Commerce platform allowing users to comment, rate and share pictures of their purchases. Images can be shared directly from popular social media channels like Instagram and Twitter, among others.


Different sessions of rapid prototyping during our design study helped us materialize our ideas and visualize these amazing features.  This app was designed for the iPhone 6 since the survey results showed that it was the most popular platform among our users.

User Flows

Paper Prototyping

App Map

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