Raised in Sevilla, trained in Barcelona, settled in New York City.  Currently, I’m working as a Product Designer with a talented team at WW. Past lives, I worked as full stack designer in J.Crew, Central Park, Mango and Garmin.

I enjoy making connections with people and listen to their stories. I take a holistic approach to design, viewing the ecosystem and context in which the product is used. I believe that design should be behavioral and that every interaction and UI element should be decided with fundaments towards the user goals. Design decisions based exclusively on aesthetics or assumptions are meaningless if we are not resolving a problem from a user-centered perspective.

When I’m not working, I spend my time discovering new places and live & breath every second of this amazing city!

Feel free to send me a message to hello@carlagiannina.com or connect directly with me on LinkedIn!


Design starts with developing a deep understanding of the design context, through the experiences and perspectives of those impacted.
I follow a centered design approach applied to the double-diamond design process.


The first part of the Double Diamond Model begins with an initial problem, idea or inspiration. During this phase, the process focuses on researching the market to explore business needs and gather information about the users, their behavior and their current situation. We discuss technology and marketing, as well as culture, roles and goals.


The second part of the Double Diamond Model represents the definition phase.  The initial ideas and research are synthesized, and the scope of the problem is defined to align the user needs and the business goals to approach a solution.


The third phase marks a period of development where design-led solutions are ideated, developed, iterated and tested. The goal is to strive for divergent approaches that validate our proposal.


In this final phase of the Double Diamond Model, prototypes are evaluated with users to verify and refine details around the design. Through iteration, the product or feature is consolidated. Part of this period revolves around preparing production assets for the developer teams and obtaining sign off approvals.

Methodologies: Contextual Inquiry, Market / User Research, Competitive Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation, Surveys, Interviews.

Methodologies: Card Sorting, Affinity Diagram, Personas, Mental Model Diagrams, User Journeys, User Tasks.

Methodologies: Design Studio, Participatory Design, Content Strategy, User Flows, Sitemaps, Rapid Prototyping, Sketches, Wireframes, Usability Testing.

Methodologies I use: Usability Testing, High Fidelity Prototyping, Tech Spec Documentation, Style Guide, Next Steps, Presentation.


Visual Design

A BA in Graphic Design, plus 7 years of experience working in visual design projects. My specialties on this area are color theory, typography and layout composition.


Detailed interactive prototypes made using InVision or Principle. Not time for high fidelity? Paper, pen and creativity are my main tools to create a rapid but effective prototype to help me test and iterate before production.


Understanding code is a ‘must have’ core skill that reduces misinterpretation between UX designers and web developers.  My experience working as Web Manager helped me establish a solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, and basic jQuery libraries.

Design Tools

I am equipped with a powerful toolbox comprising design software and apps such as Sketch, InVision, Principle, UXPin, OmniGraffle Pro, Balsamic, Keynote, Marvel, Adobe Creative Suite, among others.


UX is a very communication-intensive craft. My experience working with developers, product managers, users, and various other stakeholders helped me develop a good and effective communication style where showing designs, collecting feedback, and collaborating each and every day are part of my main tasks.


You cannot build great products without understanding people. You cannot understand people without empathy. My ability to understand and share the feelings of others is a vital skill characteristic of my design process.


Create enthusiasm and initiative to make things happen has been my mantra during my entire career. I certainly very much enjoy working in a team. I’m outgoing, I enjoy the team spirit and I’m understanding of the needs of others. Spoiler: I am huge NETFLIX fan!

Problem Solving

Analytical and critical thinking assists me in evaluating problems and making decisions. My last projects were an excellent opportunity to show my capability in solving simple and complex problems from a creative and an analytical perspective.

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